The Standing Committees of the Branch shall be: ACT-SO, Armed Services & Veteran Affair’s; Communications, Press & Publicity; Community Coordination; Criminal Justice; Economic Development; Education; Environmental and Climate Justice; Finance; Freedom Fund; Health; Housing; Labor & Industry; Legal Redress; Membership and Life Membership; Political Action; Prison Branch; Religious Affairs; Young Adult; Youth Works; and WIN

Criminal Justice Committee 

The goal of the NAACP Criminal Justice Committee is to advocate for a better public safety system that reduces the reliance on prisons as means of solving social problems, advances effective law enforcement and removes barriers to voting and employment for formerly incarcerated people.

Education Committee 

The Education Committee works to ensure all students have access to an equal and high-quality public education by promoting school resource equity, increasing teacher quality, promoting parent engagement, and enhancing early childhood literacy initiatives. We improve the effectiveness, accountability and accessibility of the Arlington public school system.

Environmental & Climate Justice Committee 

Environmental and Climate Justice. The Environmental and Climate Justice Committee shall: (1) seek to address environmental inequities at the local level and advocate for civil rights issues (2) develop a comprehensive and holistic agenda to reduce pollution (3) advance energy efficiency and clean energy (4) build disaster resilient infrastructure policies and practices.

Religious Affairs Committees 

The Religious Affairs Committee shall include ministerial and lay religious leaders who are members of the Unit. It shall: (1) promote an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle; (2) interpret the work of the Association to organized religious groups of all faiths; (3) enlist the support of such organized religious groups for membership, fundraising, and the struggle for equality and full civil rights; and (4) provide resource assistance for religious education and social activities, associated with the improvement of race relations.

Economic Development & Labor Industry Committee 

Labor and Industry. The Labor and Industry Committee shall seek ways to improve the economic status of minority groups by: (1) working to eliminate discriminatory employment practices in industry and government, wage differentials based on race, unequal opportunities for training, promotion and unfair dismissals; (2) encouraging greater participation in the trade union movement; (3) working to end discriminatory practices in labor unions; (4) securing the enactment of state and federal fair employment practices legislation; and (5) working for improved opportunities in vocational and apprenticeship training.

Small Business Spotlight

Know Your Rights as a Worker: Introduction to the EEOC Claim Process 

Political Action Committee 

The Political Action Committee shall: (1) seek to increase registration and voting; (2) work for the enactment of municipal, state and federal legislation designed to improve the educational, political and economic status of minority groups; (3) seek the repeal of racially discriminatory legislation; (4) work to improve the administration of justice; (5) work to secure equal enforcement of the law; and (6) keep the National Office and the Unit informed of all proposed legislation which affects minority groups. The Committee shall be nonpartisan and shall not endorse candidates for public office. 

Housing Committee 

Housing. The Committee on Housing shall: (1) study housing conditions in the local community; (2) receive and seek to address complaints of discrimination; (3) oppose all restrictive practices whether public or private; and (4) disseminate information and render such other assistance which may eliminate discrimination in housing.

Special Events Committee 

The Events Committee is a newly formed standing committee with goals of insuring the visibility of the organization to the public in multiple formats.

Economic Development Committee 

Economic Development. The Committee on Economic Development shall implement local efforts and support national programs to preserve and expand economic empowerment among African-Americans and other communities of color by: (1) researching and establishing relationships with private and public entities; (2) supporting the work of the National Office in monitoring the progress and activity of private and public entities designated by national programs; and (3) implementing local efforts to promote the growth of business ownership; (4) increasing employment and job creation; and (5) encouraging business development and home ownership.

Scholarship Committee  

The Scholarship Committee is a newly formed standing committee of the Arlington Branch NAACP. The charge of the Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual scholarship program and to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds. The committee is charged with publicizing and soliciting applications and making recommendations to the Executive Committee for approval based on the applicants’ responses. It is also the responsibility of the committee to coordinate with the branch secretary and treasurer to ensure distribution of the scholarship(s) and follow up with recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received by the institution of higher learning.

Scholarship Program

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee shall: (1) work throughout the year to maintain and increase the membership of the Association; (2) be responsible for planning and organizing the annual membership campaign; (3) be responsible on a continuous basis for soliciting new members and for securing renewals; and (4) initiate all possible means to obtain Life Members and sponsor a continuing program.

Legal Redress

The Legal Redress Committee: (1) investigates all cases reported to it; (2) supervises all litigation in which the Branch is interested; and (3) keeps the National NAACP and the Branch informed on the progress of every case.
The committee does not provide general legal advice.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of the President, Treasurer, and at least one other member. The committee studies the financial needs of the Branch and is responsible for drafting an adequate annual budget.


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